To School and Back Again

The first week of grad school. It came, it gave me a smack down, but it will not conquer. But I do still have two more days now, don’t I? I mustn’t get too cocky. As almost all of you know, I started GW’s re-entry program for speech-language pathology last fall. Speech-language pathology is a … Continue reading

Mastering the Art of [Any] Cooking

A few years ago, my friends David and Ryan joined me for a screening of Julie & Julia. Of course, I freakin’ loved it. David and Ryan, however, were only marginally taken with it. Because I grew obsessed, Colby later bought me the movie along with Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking. As far as … Continue reading

Our Man in Bangkok (or: For Lack of a Better Topic)

Life for the Potters in Bangkok has gotten significantly less interesting now that the more interesting, more creative, prettier, sweeter member of the duo has returned back to the States.  Now it’s just me.  But, just as Garfunkel kept it going (I assume) even after Simon bolted, so too will I keep providing updates on … Continue reading

Old Reliable

Colby and I are part of a book club with a twist. Sounds scandalous, no? In actuality, it’s more structured than scandalous: we choose our monthly book by selecting authors in alphabetical order. This month we’re reading Nicholas Evans’ The Horse Whisperer. Next month, I’m going to suggest we go with Fitzgerald. And while we’re at it, I’m … Continue reading


High fives for a clever title, right? Really though, I do think I deserve an ounce of culinary cred for whipping out three jars of pickles today. THREE JARS! Somebody say slam dunk for snack foods! Ok, I’ll stop high-fiving myself…in about five minutes. Truth is, this is my second round of pickles in less … Continue reading

Rooftop of the Town

As a city, Bangkok is frenzied and at times mind-boggling, so small dens of escape are appreciated by native and visitor alike.  The heat, traffic, and crowds force many a Bangkokian indoors or up into the stratosphere to enjoy a respite from the berserk.  It’s one of the few places I’ve ever been where taking … Continue reading

Teenage Dirtbag

Until about 45 minutes ago, I hadn’t logged into facebook for all of so-far 2012. In a moment of loneliness (Colby, will you come home please), habit, and nostalgia, I decided to reactivate my account. What was I thinking? I already regret it. But I also already updated my profile picture and commented on some friends’ … Continue reading

Gettin’ crabby wit it

So it is. Colby and I are oceans apart, and we’ll be this way for another four weeks. I know how ready he is to be back, and I only wish he could be here to share in the inviting warmth and familiarity that has become our home, our D.C. home. Can you believe I  just … Continue reading

Muay Thai

Natalie returned back to the States a couple days ago, arriving safely and soundly in DC.  As much as I like the sound of a toilet-seat-up August, it’s  been incredibly difficult being apart, especially given that we have to go the whole month on opposite ends of the globe.  Being away from her is nothing … Continue reading


Hello friends! Colby and I just returned from several days in Phuket. I’ve been meaning to get these pictures and details up sooner, but I’ve been busy readying myself for my trip back to D.C. I leave tomorrow! Where has the time gone?! It’s been spent taking trips to cool places like Phuket, that’s where! … Continue reading