About Us

It’s a tale of boy meets girl meets aspiring arm wrestler…
The scene was Michelangelo’s, a charming coffee shop/wine bar south of downtown Denver.  Both of us—fed up with lackluster relationships, bar scenes and settings and characters and narratives, and ennui in general—met following a connection on a popular dating website.  We were not people you’d expect to be on a dating website, but we aren’t so easy to pin down either.  So, seldom running in a straight line, we met for the first time after 25 years of build-up.  She smiled at me.  I made lame jokes.  When a local drunk approached us and challenged me to an arm wrestle, I displayed a charm and witty derring-do that not only disarmed said drunk, but won her over.  She’s into witty derring-do, you see.
From Denver to San Francisco to the District…
Less than a year after we met, I whisked her away to San Francisco, city of love (free and otherwise).  After a long day of snowballing setbacks, I finally proposed.  We spent the whole weekend in the City by the Bay—one of those brief, surreal times that all at once borders on dream, Meg Ryan movie, and Guns and Roses love ballad. Now, things are moving as quickly as we can keep them going (update: we’re married!).  With so many new experiences coming our way, this blog is intended to be a record of our musings and adventures on this little thing called the Game of Life: Twentysomething Edition.  And, like Milton Bradley’s version, if we keep up with it, there will be changes.  There will be careers with disproportionate salaries (likely not in our favor).  There will be moderate levels of gambling.  There will be speeding fines for spinning a six twice in a row.  One day, there’ll even be a few little blue and/or pink people that we insert into peg holes in our plastic sedan moving piece. These are our dispatches from the front lines of trying to make it through all of this wonderfulness alive.

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