A weekend of lovely things

President’s Day has provided us a three-day weekend. And guess what? Things in threes really are the best.

Oddly enough, this semester has been surprisingly calm for me, spotted with a few requisite freak-out moments. Those happen no matter what, I’ve found. It happens that my classes meet less often, I have only about three graded tests/assignments per class, and I have just two clients this semester. And one comes every other week. It’s the luck of the schedule draw!

So yes, it’s been nice to have the time to settle into February, allowing winter to sink into daily our walk to the metro, steeling ourselves to the Eastern wind and cold. But soon enough, it’ll be spring, and we’ll be singing song of the cherry blossom in a few short weeks!

Even still, it’s no wonder I have to give myself these winter-to-spring pep talks. January doldrums are always a weak point for me. And then February comes, with its love and pink and roses. It’s a time to start crawling out of the winter, and for that reason, I love it all the more.

Thankfully, the holiday weekend allowed us to spend a lot of extra time laughing, loving, and exploring more of the town together. Extra cuddle time, but also extra out and about time! We started the weekend early with a fancy date night on V-Day. We enjoyed an evening of manhattans before heading  to the theater to see Pink Martini. Thanks for the tickets, Aunt Stacey! It was so sweet to get a little dressed up, a little liquored up, and mostly loved up at the Kennedy Center. I highly recommend Pink Martini for future Valentine’s Day celebrations (Sympathique was my fave!). It may well not be a love song, but it’s in French. While that means I have no idea what they’re saying, it does make it sound extra lovey.


On Saturday, after a little milling around, we wandered over to the American History Museum. I enjoyed the new “Food: Transforming the American Table” exhibit. If you dig learning about the evolution of shopping carts, yogurt, and no-spill hot cup lids, then look no further! Really though, it’s neat. Especially when your mom owns half the crockpottery the Smithsonian deems worthy to put behind glass. Mom, do you still have this bad boy? I think it might be making a comeback…but I never did know why there were lobsters on it. Who cooks a lobster in a crockpot? Hmm.



Oh, and something I found waaay more cool than I should have–the telescopic shopping cart. Take nothing for granted, my friends! I just assumed shopping carts were born telescopic*. Not so, people, not so.



While I was off letting shopping carts blow my mind, Colby sequestered himself in the “Americans at War” exhibit. We split for most of the museum going, then went out the next day for round 2, the National Museum of the American Indian.

I had been wanting to tour this one for some time, and my was it beautiful. It was a very fluid and peaceful series of exhibitions, each leaving us with a humbling sense of wonder and respect. The museum as a whole had such an elegant simplicity about it; we loved all aspects of it.

All that museum/mall walking left me tired, and with the weather being freeze-yo’-face-off cold, Colby and I decided to collapse ourselves in a bookstore with some coffee and our new book club selection, The Thin Man. It’s Colby’s pick. And I like it!

Ok, that brings us to today. It’s been a lovely mix of mystery reading, cooking, baking, and homeworking. I have potato soup and chocolate chip cookies to prove my occasional housewifery (the Pioneer Woman gives me tips). And Sharon Van Etten keeps my company while I do it. All in all, good things are going on!


*aaaand that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. 



One thought on “A weekend of lovely things

  1. Dear Nat, you both write so well; so nice to hitch hike along with your description. How I would love to taste your soup after a wonderful tour of those museums; thanks much for sharing; Love, Dad

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