Five Spot…Happy December!

Can you believe December’s here? Even though we all have much to do before the holidays bound upon us, I do look forward to all that this chilly, silvery, firelit month will bring. I love the year-end quietness and closeness, and I aim cherish every bit of it.

I’m right now in a short but calm lull before final exams break, then it’ll be home to beautiful Denver to see family and friends. Colby and I will round out the good cheer by attending my lovely cousin Liz’s wedding in New Mexico. So yes, the holidays officially begin when we settle into our Mile High hearth and home, but until then, here are some glimpses of how we’re makin’ merry so far.

1) Tonight we trimmed the world’s tiniest tree, finalized our Christmas cards, and now the mister is busting out the holiday letter complete with a roundup of the year’s highlights. Helpful and handsome indeed!



2 and 3) While the hubs is typing away, I’m listening to great tunes and sipping my holiday favorite, Sugar Plum Spice tea. Freaking amazing flavors in this one, people. I’m a sucker for seasonal teas–I have residual boxes of pumpkin spice, black cherry berry, cinnamon apple… once the season changes, so do my tea preferences! Christmastime teas are no different. Of course I have to drink my tea out of my all-time favorite mug, an old Christmas gift from a dear friend back home. She knows my style so well!


 4) While it’s not so Christmas-y, tonight’s blog-writing tunes were incidental but awesome. Flipping between Sister Wives (secret shame) and Elf, I stumbled upon a recent-ish Bon Iver ACL performance. I never seem to catch these things in real time, and the free-streaming window has closed on, but you can catch a glimpse here. Note to self all y’all, Monsters of Folk will play Austin City Limits on December 15. Mark yo’ calendars. 



5) Ok, to be fair, I haven’t done this one yet, but I do plan on making some peppermint ice cream before the year is over. When I eventually do, it’ll be pepperminty goodness all up in here. We’ll blend it up, add shots of peppermint vodka, and bada bing we’ll have shaketails to sip. Yum!




2 thoughts on “Five Spot…Happy December!

  1. Very sweet post, Niece. Do I spy a bag of Halls cough drops beside Colby? Sick? But still taking the duty of composing the Christmas letter? He is such a trooper! : ) I hope all has been good for you two as of late and that you have a wonderful December. Good luck with finals! Safe travels.

    • Aunt Chris, I’m just seeing your comment now. Awesome observation skills! I was sick and downed that whole bag of Halls in days. Thanks for the message and we hope you guys had a good holiday season and are enjoying 2013!

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