Thanksgiving Five Spot

This Thanksgiving marks the second year we’ve been away from our family for the holidays. We usually get back for Christmas, meaning we usually eat turkey with east coast friends and not Mile High family. But it’s fun. And this year, we had two thanksgiving meals to attend: one last weekend with all my speechie classmates and their plus ones, and of course the one today, hosted by none other than the fabulous and bubbly Miss Baker. I am thankful for so much this year–many more than just five things, but since I’ve got potatoes and a pie cookin’, here’s a quick Thanksgiving five spot.

Family, family, family. Starting with my husband, my parents, my sibs, my in-laws, my aunts and uncles. Every member of my family is a kind, supportive, gem-of-a-person, and I am thankful today and always for each one of them.


Lindsey Lou was our most recent family visitor. That’s why she gets to be pictured as the family representative in this post 🙂

I am thankful for the incredible experience that is my grad program. I am part of a great group of women who care, comfort, and motivate one another. I am thankful for each of my hardworking clients and for the teaching experiences they have provided me. This program has given purpose, and it has provided a huge opportunity for personal growth. I love it, and I am so grateful for it!

The above pictured ladies are all my re-entry crew; everyone below represents (almost) all of first year grad students.

I mentioned before that I’m grateful for my husband. Really though, I love him so much that he deserves his own slot of the five spot. Colby, I love you to the edge of the earth and back. Thanks for keeping me in check. Happy Thanksgiving, baby.

We were almost at the edge of the earth this photo. Or it kind of felt like it. 

I am beyond thankful for my health. Some of you know that I’ve been battling a chronic pain condition since July, 2010. Six months ago I received the first treatment that finally starting to take away my pain. And to make matters even more awesome, I applied and received assistance from a non-profit to offset the costs. Were it not for the support of Colby, the relief of my treatments, and the caring doctors at Georgetown University Hospital, there’s no way I could participate fully in my studies or in my life, for that matter. Health is a beautiful thing, and I am thankful for it!

Woohoo! I am almost headache free!

Lastly, I am thankful for our safety and shelter. We are lucky to have the means we need to live worry-free, and that’s a blessing. We realize how fortunate we are, and we are thankful. Plus, D.C. was spared from Hurricane Sandy, huzzah!



One thought on “Thanksgiving Five Spot

  1. I love you so much seester :). Love reading your blog, you’re such a talented writer. We are all so blessed to have Colby in our lives. God is good!

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