Five Spot

I have set no precedent for a regular top five list. For that matter, I have set no precedent for a consistent blog post. Oh well. Here, as I sit cranking out final reports and study guides, I give you my top five favorites of the week:

This awesome, sale-priced West Elm duvet and sham set I picked up this week. Talk about cute. I love how the pattern is called “city gingham.” I feel that this actually describes me pretty well, a “city gingham” gal. Aaaaand I want to make that headboard. And paint our bedroom walls this color. With a magic wand.


Italian wedding soup a la Giada. My in-laws were in town last week, so naturally I felt an urge to impress. This basically means I ditched class on Friday, cleaned the house, and whipped up a cake and a pot of soup. All (including the visit) turned out wonderfully.



Flannel. You can’t go wrong with some Eddie Bauer flannel. Cozy, colorful, snugiful (mmm hmm). It’s like being wrapped in flannel bedsheets all day long. Perfect.


Our corner farmer’s market, where last weekend we stocked up on pie pumpkins, apple cider, and some yummy local cheeses and fresh ciabatta. Yum!



Argo, the suspenseful and awesome Ben Affleck flick based on the Iran hostage crisis. Typically I lose focus during actiony-type movies (wandering, worrying thoughts course a roller coaster in my brain), but I loved this one. It’s a fabulous film; I may even have to see it again! Plus, I dug this chick’s hair and glasses. Need I say more?




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