Friday, my long lost love

It’s Friday morning before class. I’ve spent the last two hours pretending I’m not a grad student–facebooking, online shopping, blog reading, the usual good stuff.

Anyhow, as a procrastinatory measure, I minutes ago made this Minnetonka purchase. I used some residual birthday funds, and am rationalizing it as not thaaat bad of a move. 


Except I ordered them in black. Aren’t they fun? I can’t wait to get my hands on their soft, leathery goodness. I ordered a pair of these mocs last month, and I think they might be the best shoe purchase ever. Ever. I don’t say that lightly; my refugee ballerina feet need comfort and care!



Seeing as I have my fall shoes in order, I can jump like this all day long. Like when I’m not reading, studying, seeing clients, planning sessions, taking care of my house and husband, and updating my blog honey-do list via google docs. Note to self: I must make time for more jumping. Have mocs, will jump! (and eat a sandwich, my goodness!)




2 thoughts on “Friday, my long lost love

  1. That was an awesome purchase! I have those same moccasins in red, and I live in them. Super comfy, and the little grippy rubber nubs on the bottom make me feel like I have octopus feet.

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