To School and Back Again

The first week of grad school. It came, it gave me a smack down, but it will not conquer. But I do still have two more days now, don’t I? I mustn’t get too cocky.

As almost all of you know, I started GW’s re-entry program for speech-language pathology last fall. Speech-language pathology is a master’s program wherein acceptance requires a bachelor’s degree in communication disorders or speech and hearing science. At The George Washington University, the re-entry program grants acceptance to the master’s program conditional upon completion of some 26 hours of pre-reqs.

My re-entry schedule wasn’t a walk in the park–an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. straight block-o-classes–but we only met twice a week and aside from clinical observations and group projects, we didn’t have to wander down to campus all too often.

I have one thing to say: that easy booze cruise of a ship has sailed! Of course last year was not easy, and I didn’t booze that much, but things are different now. For one thing, I have been on campus, in meetings, attending classes, and preparing for my therapy sessions for 13 hours at a time. I may’ve done that in undergrad at the school newspaper, but let’s face it, that was totally a booze cruise. So yeah, never worked non-stop 13-hour days until now. And I’ve worked several in a row. And when I come home, I do more work. It feels like this. And it’s only my first week of grad school.

Where I spend my whole day, every day.

But you know what? It’s amazing! I have clients and fascinating classes and terrific resources. For real, I do (especially the clients part!). As any grad student would expect, there’s so much on my daily plate that I’ve had to plain pick up a few more forks to finish it all, but I have an unbelievable support system in this–classmates-cum-friends, rockstar professors and supervisors, the sweetest family in the world, and my partner in all things, my Colby.

But Colby’s not here right now, and my family’s far away. So I blog, when I can. It balances me. Because just before this crazy week smote-me-good, I was spending time with my family and friends, visiting the Virginia country with my grandparents, enjoying a rainy Sunday afternoon with my book club, and celebrating a wonderful 28th birthday with some really special people. Because I need to, because it balances me.

My MomMom and I had Virginia ham biscuits, Brunswick stew, sweet tea, and chocolate pie at the Old Chickahominy House in Williamsburg. It was as filling as it sounds.

And like I said, I look for a little balance. As in, ham biscuits on the one hand, and drag queens on the other.


3 thoughts on “To School and Back Again

  1. Lovely photo of your MomMom. Your trip to Virginia sounds wonderful.

    How nice that your friends made your birthday so special.

    How fortunate to be immersed in academia and studies that stimulate and challenge you.

    As always, I enjoyed your post.

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