Gettin’ crabby wit it

So it is. Colby and I are oceans apart, and we’ll be this way for another four weeks. I know how ready he is to be back, and I only wish he could be here to share in the inviting warmth and familiarity that has become our home, our D.C. home. Can you believe  just said that? I know, I’ve come a long way with my feelings towards this here city!

Honestly though, being in Bangkok for the entire summer really made me realize how much I appreciate D.C., compelling me to acknowledge the roots I have here, however thin and shallow they may be. I have family, loads of friends, and a perfect living space–these things make it home. Little by little, my heart is starting to match the whereabouts of my driver’s license. And it feels nice.

That said, it’s not fully home without my hubbie here. We skype twice a day, but otherwise I fill my time by watching the oh-so-exciting Olympics, cooking and baking (my go-to lonely activity!), and spending precious summer days with my near-and-dears.

Colby was bummed he missed out on one such summer activity–crab picking! After learning what crab picking was (turns out it simply refers to eating crab, not foraging for crab, as I initially thought, hehe) I packed in a car with two friends from school, Alex and Sarah, and their SO’s. After  driving up to Cantler’s in Annapolis, we endured enjoyed the hot sun while drinking cans of Yuengling, eating crab on the water, and taking in the feeling of a sweet summer Sunday.

I have to say, I handled the crab better than expected. I removed the lungs and stringy, yellow innards with abandon. I couldn’t help but let the Old Bay settle into by fingertips and scatter onto my shirt with the assistance of the bay breeze. I dunked the tender crab meat in a bowl of yummy melted butter, constituting more saturated fat than I’ve probably had all summer. I did all this, and it was gooood.

So next time you’re in town, visiting my what-I-now-call home, we’ll take you to Cantler’s and pack away a dozen Maryland blue crabs. There’s nothing quite like crackin’ into a big ol’ crab!

Side note: My favorite Marylander, Maria, just got engaged! She’s the fourth gal from my program to get engaged this summer! Best wishes, Maria! We are so happy for you!


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