Hello friends! Colby and I just returned from several days in Phuket. I’ve been meaning to get these pictures and details up sooner, but I’ve been busy readying myself for my trip back to D.C. I leave tomorrow! Where has the time gone?! It’s been spent taking trips to cool places like Phuket, that’s where!

Phuket is a Thai island southwest of the mainland, and it takes about 9o minutes to get there by plane. Its beautiful white-sand beaches, spectacular rock formations, and teal blue waters make this the ultimate Thai resort destination.


Both of these pictures show the limestone formations, called karsts. The top image we took during our boating trip around a group of islands off the coast of Phuket; the second photo is of the famed “James Bond Island,” where part of the 1974 movie Man with the Golden Gun was filmed. It’s known locally as Koh Tapu, but everyone calls it James Bond Island.

Our day out to the islands started with three snorkeling excursions followed by a lunch break at the gorgeous Koh Phi Phi Don (I mispelled the name in my picture label, dang it!).  We drank a few Singha, watched the longboats glide upon the bay–all while marveling at the water’s glassy blue hues and slathering on SPF 50 for nothing.

After lunch, we piled back onto the boat for an afternoon trip to Maya Bay, a stunningly beautiful coastline and the backdrop to the 2000 Leonardo DiCaprio movie, The Beach. We swam, avoided the Russian men in their speedos, and sat in the sand, simply mesmerized by the nature around us! It was lovely!

For the four days we were in Phuket, we were lucky enough to stay at the Banyan Tree Resort.  Words cannot say how luxurious it was. It truly was a second honeymoon! Did I mention they have their own baby elephants?! Yes, Banyan Tree has two baby elephants that alternate appearances every day at breakfast.

The elephant we saw was smart as can be–posing for and curtsying after photos were taken, peeling bananas with her trunk, kneeling down so children could climb on top for rides. I’ve included a video we took so you can see just how clever and cute she was.

And get this. If you held out tip money for the elephant trainer, she would grab it with her trunk and put it in his pocket. Unbelievable! I spent much of the weekend daydreaming about baby elephants. You can’t help but smile around these sweet creatures.

Banyan Tree had its own beach, too. We spent several afternoons reading, sipping pina coladas, and enjoying the sunsets at the Banyan Tree beach. However this beach seemed to have a constant rip tide, so no swimming for us. Like you have to tell me twice! Some of those waves were big!

We rounded out the weekend nursing Colby’s sunburns and enjoying some great meals at the resort. We rode bikes on Banyan Tree grounds and  let the island breeze cool us after hours  in the sun (the resort’s spread out, so you can get around by foot, bike, or golf cart). It was another lovely weekend here in Thailand, and now it’s back to Bangkok. And shortly, back to D.C. for me!


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