Sky High Thai

Bangkok is a city steeped in sky scrapers. In the argument for sky scrapers, rooftop bars are the crux–all sky scrapers were made for a rooftop drinking experience. Am I right?

The big time rooftoppers around here–Sky Bar and Vertigo–are 63 and 61 stories oh-so high. And because this is Bangkok (and Bangkok seems to trust you with your own safety a little too much) the guardrails are, well, oh-so low.

To ease into a 60-story cocktail experience, last night hubby and I walked directly across the street to a rooftop speakeasy 30 floors up. It still offered views of a smoggy Bangkok sunset, the twinkling and glittering of city, billboard glow, and the faraway suggestions of a lightening storm high in the clouds.

The speakeasy drinks were delicious and cheap (if not quite strong enough!), and the music was good. Well, at least the music was different from the singular, lounge cover soundtrack of “Had a Bad Day,” Bryan Adams’ “I Do it for You,” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Yes, you read that right. This one compilation album runs the circuit of Thai restaurants, coffee shops, and taxi cabs. It is everywhere, and it is BAD! So it’s a relief to say that the music here was different.

The speakeasy was typical Bangkok–posh but affordable. I am far from posh, but I do love affordable! At least for me, the humidity, traffic, craggy sidewalks, and crowds keep me from wanting to gussy up beyond sundresses and flip flops, but it’s fun to dress up every once and a while. In fact we had such a fine time that we decided we’re going to make this rooftop date a weekly thing. We’ll put on our best, drink a Singapore sling, hold hands, and embrace what it feels to be on top of the world, Bangkok style!

Meanwhile. This is what the sky did tonight. Do you see that weirdo rainbow cloud? That can’t be good. While pretty, we figured it’s from pollution. Or particulates, as Colby said. I know, I’ve never heard of particulates either. It looks to me like an oil slick in the sky. Isn’t that strange? Anyway, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it. If anyone knows what it is, let us know. Otherwise I’ll just have to imagine it was crafted by the ponies in the sky as a rainbow play place. You know, because that’s what they do.


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