One Size Fits All

Before we left for our trip, my sister suggested I pick up some pants in Thailand similar to the ones her friend has. “They look very comfortable,” she told me. “They wrap around your waist three times, so they’re adjustable.” Then came the real selling point: “These are perfect pants for eating as much as you want.” Sold.

She sent me a picture of her friend wearing these mysterious, but seemingly comfortable and functional pants. Hmm.

After a bit of research, I found that these are Thai fisherman pants, available at many of the weekend markets around town. I scored a pair at the Chatuchak Market for a whopping 220 baht, which comes to less than $3 US. Got to love Thailand for the cheap (and in this case, semi-ridiculous looking) duds!

After a quick haggle with the seller, I asked if these pants were even going to fit me. I knew they were adjustable and all, but we’re talking pants of clown proportions here. “Oh yes, madame. They fit me and you and him (pointing to Colby).” She was of course selling assuring me that fisherman pants are unisex, one size fits all. What she should have said was that these pants fit all at once.

Since we didn’t have internet at the time, I was at a loss as to how to fold and fasten these bad boys. I’d later find out that I had the pants on backwards the whole time I struggled, internet-less. So you can find it pathetic imagine, once we became connected with the world, how eager I was to search youtube tutorials on general fisherman pant know-how. Like tying your shoes, now that I’ve got the hang of Thai fisherman pants, I can’t remember not knowing how to work the funky pantaloons.

My sister was right, which is commonly the case. These pants are great!

On a same same but different subject, my sister and my mom. Every summer my mom and I visit my sister and her wife in their lovely Pacific Northwest home. If I didn’t have such ties to Colorado, I would love to settle in the Northwest. It’s such a retreat! Of course being in Bangkok, I missed the annual trip. My mom and sister were sweet enough  to share some pictures though–there were day hikes amid waterfalls, jaunts in lavender fields, trips to Mt. Hood, and, appropriately, dining at Mother’s Bistro. Don’t know if you can see from this picture, but the mug they’re holding says “call your mother.” How darling is that? And how darling are they? I miss you, my dear family!


2 thoughts on “One Size Fits All

  1. Hi Natalie, this blog entry is so precious. Your episode with the Thai fishermen pants is darling. They look like they could wrap several times around you and Colby both. Dianne and I missed you but you were with us in spirit as we jaunted around Hood River. These lavender fields were the most fragrant and serene place ever.
    Mama Chris

  2. Diana (I was just going to write "Di" and then realized that could get confusing. since you have multiple.) says:

    Oh, I love me some Mother’s!

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