Snap, crackle, pop!

Yesterday I hit up the Target and was so happy to come across some awesomely yummy smelling candles fit with a wooden wick. Why a wooden wick, you ask? Because it crackles as it burns! Isn’t that just the best idea?! I thought so. And hey, I’ll take anything that’ll contribute to a homier atmosphere, especially come fall and winter. Plus, it’s a soy candle, so it has 90 hours of burn time. I’m going to light it every time I’m doing homework; when it’s all gone, I’ll either feel really accomplished or really sad!

My new find means that all my lady friends will receive woodwick candles for their birthdays–kind of like my 31 Bits obsession last Christmas, and my ever-love for this etsy shop (not every one needs a spoon ring, I know, but I love them!).

Simply taken by my new candle, I searched a few future gift options and found a yummy orange & cinnamon woodwick by YouOrganic. Though they’re handcrafted in and based out of Dublin, the company offers free shipping worldwide! If only the same were true of my PJ Harvey t-shirt.

The Luminology candles are pretty great too, as you can reuse the glazed, porcelain pots after the candle runs out…in like 3 years. And you can get them gift wrapped. Saweet!

Lastly, seeing as these candles are super-cheery, I find that listening to Regina Spektor’s recent “Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)” is fine accompaniment to this post. You’re welcome.



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