Garden Party

Have you ever heard that song? “Garden Party” by Rick Nelson? Well, if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and press play below. And if you have, you already know it’ll provide some quality background music to this post, so give it a go! Plus the background on the song┬áprovides some wistful intrigue.

While “you can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself” are lyrics to live by, I’m actually blogging not about Rick, but about gardening in the city. Balconies, patios, porches, tiny plots of grass–how do we make these precious patches of outdoor spaces into something that revitalizes the urban dweller spirit?*

Fortunately, we’re not limited to community gardens, as we have two options for on-the-premises, outdoor gardening: 1) Our patio. It’s large, nicely fenced, and paved (landlord’s supposed to put in keystone pavers, but no progress has been made on that front!). We’ve got lots of privacy and some relative quiet back there. Only thing? There’s no outdoor water access. Pshh. Logistics smogistics. Even still, if I had lots of money and a summer in DC, here’s what I’d do:

This patio actually looks a lot like ours, in terms of the fence and the space itself. Gorgeous Bertoia chairs we have not, but have a bistro set and atop-the-fence planters would be easy peasy.

Again, Bertoia patio furniture and privacy plants. Do you see a theme here?

If we had a balcony instead of a full patio, I’d do a little vertical gardening. Plus I think strawberry pots are the coolest (my next Goodwill objective!).

Goes to show that a single potted plant and a vine-y thing in the foreground can stand in for a garden.

Space #1 also needs some outdoor lighting, since our we have no porch light out there. Our house was built a hundred years ago, so there are no outdoor outlets, either. I’ve often thought about solar strings of lights, but we get waaay too much rain for that! So what do we think about luninarias? If the weather’s nice enough to have dinner outside, you’d have no trouble these lil’ beauties. It’d be just as easy to collect a half dozen tin cans and drill a few holes for some more durable twinklers.

Now isn’t that pretty?

Oh tin cans, you once held my green beans, and now you are aglow!

Ok, the good news is that gardening option numero dos has already been accomplished, thanks to the sweet neighbor girls upstairs. They spent all day Sunday sprucing up a tiny patch of earth on our front sidewalk. Nice work, ladies!

*Admission: I will be doing no gardening this summer because I will not be here all summer. But if I were, then I would be gardening up a storm and fashioning such an awesome outdoor dining space that we’d soon have something of a Potter biergarten. Really, I would!


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