My mom has been in town all week, and boy have we had fun! For all her five feet and one hundred pounds, my mom is a powerhouse. She’s up at the crack of dawn to do her yoga, make almond milk smoothies, and meditate her cares away. She is a beautiful and balanced person; let’s just say I have TONS to learn from her!

This week Mom and I did all the tourist-y things together, plus she accompanied me to some doctors appointments and helped me run errands, make dinner, and prepare post-work cold drinks and appetizers for my husband (Is this a thing? Colby and I agree it’s nice while nonessential! Let’s not set the expectations too high!).

We also had to secure my Visa for Thailand, so we spent several mornings at the Embassy. Phew. Glad that bit’s over! Visa work can be complicated! Finally, we met Colby for lunch, we scouted out Eastern Market, and we linked up an old friend of Mama’s down in Virginia.


Mom at WWII Memorial


We walked around Eastern Market, and it looked liked this. Because I did a poor job of taking pics this week, the photo credit is as follows: David Coleman


Me and Mama dining at Beau Thai.

We’re lucky to have my aunt and uncle in town this weekend as well. Mom has learned enough about the city to be their tour guide–last night the hubby and I met up with some of my classmates for drinks (started at Masa 14 and then went to American Ice Company, which we loved!), so I was glad Mom could show Uncle Dave and Aunt Casey around town. They all leave for my grandmother’s tomorrow. What am I going to do with this empty house?! I guess cleaning it would be a good start, eh?


2 thoughts on “Mamacita!

  1. Hi Natalie, not sure if you will get this reply, but I loved your Mamacita blog. You managed to cap our visit with such a cute flare.Such a sweet memory now.

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