Analytical Undies

Browsing through The New York Times Magazine this morning, I came across the article, “32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow.” I’m not sure I need my clothes to serve as an extra power source for my cell phone charger (#1), nor do I need my underwear to tell me what muscle group I’m using (#3). I have a brain that’s pretty good at processing muscle feedback. And wall sockets work well for power.

Of all 32 innovations, the “morning multi-tasker” weirds me out the most (#4). It would turn your whole world into a computer screen. Ahhh!

“The problem with laptops and tablets, says Mark Rolston of the design firm Frog, is that they’re confined by a screen. He wants to turn the entire room into a monitor, where you can have the news on your kitchen table while you place a video call on your fridge. And when you’re done, you can swipe everything away, like Tony Stark in ‘Iron Man.'” Clay Risen



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