Timeless Tastes

My parents got married in 1970 (they’re celebrating forty-two years next week!), and still have many of the groovy furnishings and wedding gifts that came along with that special day. There’s one set of furniture that I particularly loathed. For years I criticized their bamboo-inspired bedroom set (doesn’t look exactly like this awesome gray dresser, but it’s very similar–theirs has a dark stain instead), but now I’m in love with it! So go the tides of trends, right?

They also have a pair of swell pair of ginger jar lamps that, growing up, I never understood. Is it a lamp? A jar?  Guess who now can’t get enough of ginger jar lamps… These are almost exactly what their lamps look like, except theirs have a small light bulb inside the jar that can function as  nightlight. Such a cool idea!

Thing to note about my parents, and both sets of grandparents, is that they were all military families. Their frequent moves were depicted in their decor, and I didn’t appreciate this for a long time. As a kid, I wanted to grow up in a house that looked like this. Thank goodness my mom stood her ground with those ginger jar lamps!

With a little sprucing, I can see their bamboo bedroom set looking like this. Now that’s prettyKudos to my mama for always knowing what’s classy.

Lastly, while I’m on the topic of those fabulous ginger jar lamps, I’ve got to try this tutorial. Right up my alley!


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