Memorial Day Weekend

The summer season started in full swing this weekend for the Potters. Our dear friend Diana was in town, so with her we sauntered through the Portrait Gallery (my fave Smithsonian Museum), dined al fresco (isn’t that what summer’s all about?), and then caught a late-night movie. After a few hours of sleep, we woke up early Sunday morning to meet up with my classmate Charlotte and her boyfriend Jeff for strawberry picking (such a great idea, Charlotte!) at Homestead Farm in Poolesville, MD, a gorgeous forty-five minute drive from here. It was amazing! Apparently this has been an fully operating family farm since 1763–for a Colorado girl, this is impressively ancient.

Jeff, who says his strawberry picking technique looks like he’s finding food for survival. And Charlotte, who picks only the most exquisite berries of the patch.

Seven pounds o’ berries!

Me and Charlotte with the berry loot.

It was great to be out in the country, picking glistening strawberries under the hot sun. Our hands were red with strawberry juice by the end of the morning, but for the seven pounds of strawberries we gathered, it was well worth it. After our time in the patch, we strolled around the grounds. Homestead had darling farmhouses on the property, ponds, baby goats, a produce market, and acres and acres of tart cherries, blackberries, strawberries, grapes, and apples. We’ll surely go back next fall for autumnal provisions!

We rounded out the day with a farewell bbq for our good friends Greg and Ruthie. They moved here two months before us and are now moving back to Denver (don’t even get me started). We’ll miss them so much, but we all know it’ll only be a matter of time (meaning another four years or so…) before we’re reunited in our wonderful home city. Kiss the Mile High City for us, Greg and Ru!

Denver-to-DC gang, Greg and Ru + the Potters.

As a final note, thanks to all my brave family members and friends who have fought and served for this great nation. I honor you today and always. And while I’m doing shout-outs, thanks to my amazing husband, who made my world by marrying one year ago today. I love you!


3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Great post, darling, and happy anniversary. Thank you for making my year and life. Few guys get their dream girl, and I am so grateful I got mine. You can rest assured I’ll spend the rest of my life paying you back for it.

  2. These pictures remind me of the day we spent on Savie Island with Dianne last summer. I am naming your pictures “The Berry Pickers”!

    • Picking strawberries reminded me of that great day we spent with Dianne in Oregon, too! Berry picking is a little more strenuous than your painting at home suggests 🙂

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