Summa summa summa-time

I’m about three weeks out of finals, and I’m loving every minute of my summer break. In the last week, hubby and I have done four happy hours, two Denver-crowd dinners, one Black Keys concert, a barbecue, seven rounds of Catch Phrase, and a book club meeting in the park with pie and mimosas. Phew! This weekend won’t show any slowing down, as we have poolside dates, strawberry picking, a going-away party, and our one-year anniversary to celebrate! We have lots to cram in before we set out for Thailand, that’s for sure.

I’ve also been filling my days reading this, and I really recommend it. Otherwise I’ve been thrifting and wielding spray paint cans like a mad woman. Colby came home last night and called me the “pretty fairy beauty pixie;” he says I prance around our house making it more lovely with my Goodwill decor. Ha! More like the crazy fairy. Nevertheless, I spend so much time looking at gorgeous home decorating blogs and wishing and hoping for lovely things that I thought I’d take a turn around our apartment and capture a few elements that I’m really happy with. So here you go: a tour of the more fun parts of our home.

I snagged a set of novelty plates from the 50s. So great! There are six total.These reflect a safari trip and vacations to Pennsylvania and Puerto Rico. Oh the places you’ll go!

This beautiful bowl is made from carved eucalyptus and was a wedding gift from my oldest brother and his family. So warm and earthy.

Another Goodwill find. I love the starfish shape!

No thrift finds here, but I loved this fortune so much that I framed it several years ago. I look at it every morning while putting on my makeup: “Keep your goals away from the trolls.”

My Goodwill pride and glory–a carved wooden owl lamp for $9! It’s in amazing condition, too. Also snagged that Pottery Barn clock for $5. Yesss.

The DIY nightstand Carissa and I made. I need to finish the hardware, but that’s after I decide if I can live with the off-kilter stenciling.

Ok, this one borders on gaudy, and it needs a new clock face, but for $4 and with a fresh coat of paint, it’s kinda fun!

This is a real painting, and it’s actually quite large. I purchased for $6 and hung it in our hallway. It’s on our “EU Wall.” One day we’ll actually go to these places.

Our apartment mascot. If you don’t know about him, safe to say you don’t actually know us.

Bought some of those cheap-o clear glass vases, spray painted white to achieve mock milk glass. Also color-blocked a few for good measure.


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