The Goods

Check out the results of two leisurely days of crafting. All of these cutie projects were done with a little patience, a lot of Chardonnay, and $46.

Enhanced a little photo corner of our bedroom with these babies.

A labor of love, this one. Most of these are pinterest copies; this one is made of paper, not paint. Also made with blood, sweat and tears.

These are shockingly easy to make, and so beautiful too! Dowels, barbecue skewers, clothes pins and–you guessed it–gold spray paint. That can is like an appendage to me now…

Fabric-wrapped mattes! So cute for my Denver prints.

Our very long, row home hallway is getting there!

And these are just some Friday night flowers from Colby. Because he’s the sweetest.



One thought on “The Goods

  1. I’m glad to see I have you hooked on the gold spray paint. It really does make everything better! Now just wait until you discover all the other colors metallics come in…

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