An inspiring view(finder)

When spring shimmies from the draggy grey of winter’s backstage, I can’t help but find myself colored with a new vigor. I seem to acquire a vernal “get-it-done” attitude, during which time I’m excited, inspired, and energetic. Yes, I love spring.

The weather in DC is amazing right now–80 degrees and not too humid. I’m on spring break, too. I’ve been studying for midterms, catching up on a long-lost social life, busying myself with craft and decorating projects all the while.

I have few projects drying outside; maybe I’ll post pics of them later. For now, I’ll post the pics that inspired my crafy beauties. A little War on Drugs (Colby’s fave find of 2011) to accompany my crafternoon, a beer, and huge can of gold spray paint–ahhh things are looking lovely over here!

My spray painty canvi will look like this.

Ordering a fat quarter of awesome viewfinder fabric for…

…this nifty fabric matte project!

Liking this sunburst mirror a whole lot over here.



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