So yes, between the two of us, I’ve been the most neglectful of blog-keepers.  But, as my wife has stated, we’ve been mondo busy.  So many things have passed.  So many, in fact, that we all might be better served by not discussing them too much at length.  Wedding: went off without a hitch, and I suckered her into committing to me for life (cue the curly-mustachioed villain cackling “Mwahaha!”).  New school for Nat: she’s getting As and complaining she’s not doing well enough.  New job: it’s keeping me busy but I’m loving it.

Anyway, it is now Lent, that time every year when I give up alcohol, give up sweets, and take up regular exercise all for about a day, give that up, and settle for giving up smoking, Sex and the City, and pyromania (which–except for an ill-advised, misbegotten birthday celebration back in 2006–are easy, as I never partake in any of them).  This year, however, I decided I’d follow my wife’s example and use the Lenten season to reinvigorate my latent blogging capabilities.  Because, Jesus doesn’t love anything if He doesn’t love blogging (it’s in the Bible somewhere; probably in the back, past the index).

So I have no plans for future posts, which means a whole lot of similar rambling.  My new job could potentially take me to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur for a few months this summer, so I can probably pry a few posts from that.  We can talk about how polite the pseudo-ghetto we live in is, or about how the food truck scene in DC is way better than its music scene.  I had a curry chicken with lentils (ah, the name of the post!) that was pretty delectable, especially considering it came out of the back of an aluminum mobile home womanned by a lady dressed to the nines in paisley and puka shells and a random mustachioed cook (I can’t believe I used the word “mustachioed” twice in a single sitting).  Not quite the Biker Jim’s of Denver, but hey, not bad either.


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