Potters are back!

Us, married.

So it’s been a year. Sorry about that. So much has happened, too! I can’t believe we kept you out of the loop, wordpress. Over the last year, we got married, honeymooned in Fiji, I started grad school, and Colby started an amazing and sexy new job (he’s such a smarty pants).  Life is so good! Somewhere in there we also managed to move to a wonderful row home apartment that much better suits our lifestyle. We’ve had tons of company, which we love, and we now consider ourselves a hosting hub. Have I mentioned we’ve been busy? Well, we’ve been busy. I’m a full-time student cramming my brain with all sorts of neuroanatomy and physics and development material, and with all the sciency things I’ve been using to fill my time (I’m not convinced I’m earning an MA but an MS, but whatever), I find that I really miss writing. I miss the arbitrariness and getting lost in thought and throwing my head against the table with writer’s block (now, this last bit only has me full-afeared of TBI).

Anyhow, I miss putting on a pot of coffee and wading through the inspiration and frustration and satisfaction of successfully creating something completely scaffolded by my own thought and understanding. This is not to say I have any complaints about my current path; I am amazed at how much I’m learning and can’t think of better fit and way for me to be of service in this world, but I am saying it’s easy for my creative side to get lost in it. I originally hoped this new field would offer me a chance to combine my creative and analytical sides (I thrive in shades of grey and hate it when the two sides are offered separately). One day, my career will allow me to mesh the two. While I’m in school though, a time when I have to be so academic and structured and step-by-step, I think I’ll have to write/dance/create in order to feed my fancy. So that’s that.


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