Return (with Nickelharpa)

So, it’s been an inexcusably long time since our last post, and it’s only fitting, given that it’s less than a month away, that we return with a brief wedding update—first off, because there’s been a lot of  movement on that matrimonial front and, second, because if it were any longer than “brief” it might incur even half of the stress, elation, premonition, exhaustion, or visions of a wide-ranging family feud that we’ve been experiencing.  I realize that was a long sentence.  Chalk it up to the effects of wedding planning.

Natalie’s been doing all the heavy lifting, I’m afraid.  She’s a trooper like that.  While I’ve been working to keep my humble little corner of Bureaucracy afloat at work, she’s been working, getting herself accepted to grad school (the George Washington, no less), and doing her best to stave off tension headache after tension headache.  What she lacks in size, though, she makes up in heart and pure, undiluted moxie.

We’ve been doing pre-Cana online theology courses, which have actually been rewarding.  For example, it’s heartening to see that, upon close inspection, Eve wasn’t the sole cause of man’s downfall.  If you read closely, Adam was standing beside her (right beside her!) when the whole snake thing went down, leading me to believe it was less the failing of an Eve/Pandora archetype than a severe need of Samuel L. Jackson:

Yes, friends and family, this is wedding planning, and we are, indeed, about to “open some windows.”  Take, for instance, our music at the ceremony.  Out of respect for her late, dear grandfather, Natalie wanted string instruments.  She went out and found an expert duo to play.  Coolest thing is, one of them plays the nyckelharpa. 

I hadn’t heard of it either, but I’m stoked that this esoteric little guitar-violin mash-up will be bringing some eclecticness to the tradition-fest that is the Catholic Church:

Yeah, the royal wedding wishes it had that…


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