Spring a new song

The cold weather may be returning next week, but our 70 degree temps are welcome to settle in, use the good towels, and threaten to be permanent house guests. I’d let them. It’s 6:15 in the evening, and the door to our balcony is letting in nothing but sweet, cool air. And the sky is still bright(ish)!  But I know it won’t last, because spring is a two-bit whore.

Determined to have a day steeped in sunshine, and wanting to take advantage of my last day of freedom (job starts next week!), I spent maximum time outside. I must’ve circled Bethesda Row 16 times. I was hot and parched and I had purchased a movie ticket for an afternoon show, but I couldn’t quit the weather. The ground was literally greening beneath me! Ok, maybe not. But everyone was out and the city (the little, Bethesda city) felt so alive! I finally did drag myself into the movie theater, all thanks to my freshly blistered feet.  I, along with the other half-dozen seniors attending the  matinée, really enjoyed Another Year. Directed by Mike Leigh, who also did Vera Drake and Happy-Go-LuckyAnother Year had Leigh’s tell-tale charm as sprung with injections of heaviness and dread. Good though.

My spring-in-February day can be captured by an adorable quote I saw painted on a park bench. Unfortunately I can’t give it proper attribution because I was passing quickly (hence the blisters), and it refers incorrectly to the opposite equinox, but it no less captures my attitude today:

Autumn, please hold your breath as summer gathers the remaining frays of her skirt.

Here’s my attempt at a re-write for the winter-to-spring (aka my favorite) seasonal transition:

Winter, please accept your last curtain call, and do your best to make spring feel welcome; we hear she has stage fright.*

*My kind words and attempts to entice spring don’t mean that I think she’s anything but a two-bit whore.



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