Queen of Hearts

Wading through downtime at the airport last week, I picked up a few magazines to tempt my low-budget decorating and my already at-budget kitchen yearnings. I picked up House Beautiful and O Magazine; I must be getting old and boring. No really, O is a lovely magazine with some great pieces, and whether I like it or not, it inspires me. The same cannot be said for Oprah’s new, OWN channel–that just scares me.

Lucky for me, House Beautiful‘s February issue was dedicated entirely to the color pink (giggles abound!), and O had more than a few cute suggestions for Valentine’s Day gifts and get-in-the-spirit notions. Take a look-see:

If I had this, I'd cook up a bunch of mac 'n' cheese for me and fiance. This woud secure his love forever, hehe.


Clearly, this is a man-less house: first, because it looks like Barbie's house and second, because the fridge could not fit enough to feed a man. But cute? Yes.

This is the kind of thing I would have loved as much as a five-year-old as I do now.

Too bad I already have a pink kitchen timer, because I'm really liking this design.

A heart-shaped vase. You'd have to be careful with this one. I watched St. Elmo's Fire recently, and this looks like something easily found in Jules' apartment, before everything's repossessed, of course.

This is Jules' apartment, pre-eviction. Ahh, such a great movie!


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