Fiesta World? Disneyware?

This is one great day. I’m working on the wedding registry AND the heat’s working. (Admission: registry as a task has been haunting me for a few months now. It seemed such a commitment to dish patterns and bed spread colors, but as is my usual behavioral pattern, there was a lot fret fret fret which ultimately turned into fun fun fun.) Fiestaware it is! I’m mixing and matching and making up a great collection, and I hope Colby digs it. Seriously tough choices though–which color would you pick? Selecting cooking gadgets and bakeware is a new favorite and a much-needed pasttime–I’ve been using a soup can in lieu of a rolling pin; this means my pie crusts end up with ridges and in the most peculiar, shall we call them cirlces? Maybe they were ellipses.

You know what makes this day even better? I’m packing for Disney World. That’s right. The house that Walt built. It’s Lindsey’s 21st birthday weekend, and we’re going to celebrate in pure party style, with Disney princesses and “the wizarding world of Harry Potter.” I want to bring a fiestaware pitcher for to collect the Disney magic dust sure to be swirling about us.


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