Step up, and up, and up.

Two months certainly isn’t long enough to make us official DC dwellers–ok, it’s Bethesda, but we’re in DC daily and putting up with this traffic should offer some sort of associated, DC denizenship badge. Generally, I’m in agreement that the free musuems , the vast job opportunities, and the beautiful creativitiy of a diverse city offset the high price of hair cuts, parking, and grapefruit juice (read: the price of living in general). Yes, I generally agree with that. Even still, there are quirks. I’m not letting these quirks color my overall opinion of DC–it’s only the beginning and we are still shaking hands with this great locale–but for my faraway friends, I’m going to relay the good, the bad, and the weird. Marathon escalators will fall with the weird.

 I swear, DC has the longest escalators in the world. These sweeping stairways are the portals to Metro, and Metro, as a whole, is a beautiful system. Expensive to ride, but beautiful. The strict, no-food policy means they’re void of greasy McDonald’s wrappers, thereby clearing them of rats and cockroaches and cluttery trash. Sing praises! But really the escalators are just long; I’m talking 500 feet long. They’re also disabled and under permaconstruction–a best-case scenario calls for an all-out stairmaster session, a worse -case scenario, well they call that escalator free fall.


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