Music for a Rainy Day


I don’t wear January very well. Turns out a solid, cold and wind combo do nothing for my figure, and D.C.’s signature “wintry mix” precipitation forces my hair flatter than a stretch Kansas highway. But today, I’m rather liking the weather. Why? Because it’s raining! And even though it’s freezing outside, the pitterpatter of rain reminds me that spring is a comin’. Sure it’s slushy, but I can hear the drops falling on the roof of our apartment; I can see the vertical strands of rain moving in accordance with the trees’ stretch in Rock Creek Park. Sometimes a rainy day feels sooo good.

Tucked inside, I’ve accompanied my day with some music finds. Check out Deerhoof‘s latest, Deerhoof vs. Evil. I’ve avoided Deerhoof simply because they’ve been said to have influenced Sleigh Bells (which I do like but I don’t love), and Grizzly Bear (which I really don’t love). Still cacophonous, it’s pretty, and listening to “Super Duper Rescue Heads!” is making my day. I’m not going to consider myself converted, but any song that has lyrics “you to the rescue” is going to make you feel good. Everyone loves being a superhero, right?

But what I’m really liking is The Veils’ recent EP, Troubles of the Brain. Fronted by British songwriter Finn Andrews, they’ve been making folksy rock for a while now. (Hello sky, I’ve just spent five years sedimentary limestone.) Be that as it may, I’m catching up on all their veil-y goodness. Troubles of the Brain is certainly the most kicky of the last few albums, with an early U2 vibe downplayed by a dash of The National. Plus EP equals cheap, or in this case about the cost of my rainy day coffee.


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