Merry Happy Holidays!

Before we set out over the river and through the woods, I wanted to wish the blog a Merry Christmas. We’ve been baking cookies, watching holiday classics, and enjoying a little tree in our living room (first things first–we don’t have a dresser but you better believe we have a  tree). I might be flattering myself but I crafted a custom tree garland, and while I’m not sure how great it looks, I think it gives our tree a personal touch.

Tomorrow we’ll do Williamsburg, after that, Christmas Eve with MomMom and Harold, then back for Christmas dinner in Bethesda. Our Christmas meal will benefit greatly if I could master the roux required for my bechamel   sauce, but that’s a work in progress. I’ve tried four times and failed: my prospects do not look so good! Actually, Colby’s headed to the store right now to pick up some sauce ready-made. After four attempts, you’ve got to try and keep it simple!

Colby was pretty proud of this one. He gave it tighty whities and called it a masterpiece.

We made some killer cookies and experienced quite the sugar rush.

We’ll write more on Williamsburg in the next few days, but to all our family, Merry Christmas. We love you.


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