Georgie Porgie

One of the things I’m fast learning (and loving) about this city is that each part of the District has a different feel, architecture, and crowd bustling about it. One of the most distinctive areas is Georgetown–a neighborhood with upscale shops and quaint cafes, cobblestone streets and Georgian-style storefronts. Bordered by the Potomac River on the south, this community dates back to 1751, but its charm is of course all new to me.

No photo taken in the D.C. area would be complete without capturing a car zooming by, so consider this authentic.

After bopping down to Dupont Circle, I discovered that the DC Circulator takes you to a ton of places off the metro lines for only a dollar each way. Waiting for it to show did take some time, and with the blasts of cold wind beating at my body and face, I can’t say that was the most fun part of my day. A short walk down M Street to Wisconsin brought me to Cafe Bonaparte, a tiny creperie that was atwinkle with Christmas spirit. So adorable was this place that I invited myself to sit at the bar, sip an Irish coffee, and jump back into my book.

As small as its namesake, Bonaparte captivates with its delightful tin ceiling tiles, rich cafe furniture, and the large black and white, Parisian-themed photos decking the walls. Scenes of ferris wheels and street markets and beautiful French ladies adorn three; the picture window, multi-paned and perfect for people watching on Wisconsin Avenue, stands as the fourth.

Admittedly, I was feeling a bit like a lush among the lunch crowd, so I ordered a shrimp and crawfish crepe, fried crisp and served with a pesto aioli. It was deliciously flavorful, fresh, and rich while not being too decadent. Next time I’ll have to try the dessert variety–crepes with caramelized mango and lemon gelato? Yes, please.

At the risk of getting run over and making the people inside feel terribly uncomfortable, I took this one from an extreme angle. Use your imagination: this place is adorable!



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