In Medias Res

I’ve started this blog with some bad habits: infrequent posts being one of them. The other has been more secretive and involves me taking on a bag of circus peanuts whenever I please–I know, I’m flawed! So, my apologies, and let’s just say that this blog resumes here in our new home, with only a tiny bit of back story.

Colby and I finally got the go-ahead to move to the East Coast just before Halloween; we were then given a month to wrap up our jobs and pack up our apartment. We packed (and I mean packed–I hardly fit in the car by the time we were done cramming everything in) the Honda with essentials and set out for our new lives in D.C.

Yes, the Washington Monument is coming out of my head, but at least you know that we’re actually here.

We arrived at the beginning of December, and our days have been sprinkled with adventures ever since–we purchased all new furniture; we got lost while driving in Rockville; Colby started his job; we had our first house guests despite the fact that we have no curtains; I’ve been scouting around the city; I got lost while scouting the city; we gathered with D.C. friends old and new; and we’ve made a pastime out of studying maps and guidebooks of the District so as to avoid getting lost.

I’ve also decided to take little day trips to get my feet wet and so that I can map out this place while I have nice, long, and free days to do so. Tomorrow I’ll write up the jaunt to Georgetown I had (and successfully had) today. I foresee a spree of posts in this happy blog’s future: we’ve had and continue to have amazing experiences in this classy, cultured city we can now call home!

A preview of my visit to Georgetown–so adorable!



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