Bridesmaid in the Shade

I put this here because it’s pretty.

So I know I said this blog would talk about things that I make and do, which would be great, except that from time to time, I really don’t know what to make of the things I do. As we explained, our blog posts will, at least for some time, hinge on an ambient thesis of oh my gosh wedding planning is the biggest logistical undertaking of life so far. And for a person who rarely entertains a second thought—I trust my gut, make decisions, and stick to them with the relentlessness of a clearance sticker—I am having a hard time with one thing and one thing only: the bridesmaid dress. It’s pretty much an impossible task, and the only way to make it possible is to charge at least one of your friends with being unhappy at worst and uncomfortable at best. My soon-to-be sister-in-law and I went shopping last weekend, and the girl must’ve tried on upwards of 15 dresses in an hour. Some too long, some not the right shade, some too clingy, too short, too shiny. And you’d think these dresses were spun of gold and gilt with diamonds as their brazen, $220 price tags dangled from the armpit of each gown, all at once whispering, “I am beautiful and come in just the right color. I won’t wrinkle but will glisten all night. Order me for your bridesmaids if you wish for beautiful wedding photos and angry friends.” Anyhow, sister-in-law was a trooper, and lucky for her, what with her long legs and beautiful skin tone, she looked fabulous in each and every dress. I am comforted by this, and by acknowledging how absolutely wrong this appointment has gone for brides before:

These ladies are so old by now that this is more cute than anything.

Orange velvet dresses and tangerine veils? Call it a milliner’s dream, but this is my nightmare.

Please, please, please tell me this is not what my wedding will look like in 25 years.


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