Waiting for the Man

Fiancee having done the requisite introduction post, I get the follow up.  To kick off my portion of this blog, with its amorphous premise, I guess some scene-setting is in order.

As Fiancee mentioned in the previous post, my new job will take her and me to Washington DC (henceforth referred to as “The District” so as to sound savvy) in, as Future Boss put it, “anywhere from a week to three months.”  As I’ve said time and time again, the wait time on a governmental job would make a cable guy throw in the towel.  After all, kids, you can’t spell “governmental” without “mental.”  But I jest.

So what is a young, soon-to-be-wed couple to do to pass the time?  You depress the heck out of yourself by watching a documentary call-to-arms addressing the mass murder of thousands of dolphins.  Yes, this morning in Denver may have seen temperatures of the mid-90s, but inside my apartment it was raining:  The Cove, concerning the Japanese fishing industry’s slaughter of tens of thousands of dolphins and an accompanying government cover-up, was so alarming, so distressing, and so good.  Fiancee might devote a later post to the film which, thankfully, is benefitting from widespread acclaim and word of mouth.  If you haven’t already, see it.

But that alone is no way to spend a dog day.  So, after eulogizing Flipper and all that is good and pure with the world, we set out.  With only so much time to enjoy my hometown and a rare free day, Fiancee and I wanted to enjoy some aspects of Denver we’ll miss.  Someday we’ll put our list of these activities to paper or dry erase board.  As it stands, the only item so far on the list is FUN.  It’s open to interpretation. 

We decided to head to the Highlands, the artsy, boutique-ridden district of Denver.  Highlights: Three Dog Tavern with the Orange Crush (legions of Bronco fans) and a win, making it out of West Side Books having spent only $5, and caffeine injections at Common Grounds.

Anyway, this post is also meant as my sort of introduction to the blog.  I’m not sure exactly how to do that; I just kind of wanted to hit the ground running.  Regardless, this is intended to be one way we keep in contact with our friends and family (we like to think there are hordes of ’em).  It’s not as shameless as constant status updates on Facebook and way more fun.  It’s meant to be a repository for the inner chaos of a young couple just off the starting block.  As Fiancee already mentioned, there will be recipes and how-tos.  I can promise harrowing accounts of the inner workings of Washington (not really) and the art of pizza (much more likely).  Hopefully with some creative verve, we hope to make this an e-journal of all that we do, experience, share, and make as two people (and their ninja death cat), deeply in love, enjoy life, whether it be exploring a new city or a Family Matters marathon with a king size bag of Funyuns.  All of this to say, we really don’t know what this monster we’ve wrought will bring, but it might be safe to venture it’ll include:

Road trips

Food (and sports)

Sightseeing adventures

Out and about in Denver

Wedding adventures

DC adventures (This is the John Ericsson Memorial.  Thrilling.)

And more

So thank you, lone reader, for granting us a minute or two.  We can’t promise you anything if you read—except maybe for a friendly postcard if you don’t mind overnighting us the 42 cents for a stamp—but we can promise that one item that currently makes up our To Do list.



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