Why hello there

Hi! This is Natalie, the one half of this blog more apt to wear a ring pop than a cravat. Colby and I are starting this here Cravats and Ring Pops as a place to write, first and foremost, but also as a place to document the things we make and do. That statement is no less than full-spectrum, I realize, but better to give it a wide gloss than to start narrow and continually account for whatever this space wriggles to be. So there you have it: the things we make and do.

Colby & I have been engaged for six months (he proposed in San Francisco and it made for one of the most star-special days of my life), but the wedding’s not until next year (it’s going to be amazing—we’ve got some kind of serious vision on this one), so there’s lots of planning ahead.* Anyhow, team N&C is also prepared for a move to Washington D.C. The best part? The moving date will be a complete surprise (imagine what that’s like for a classic Type A), as it depends on a drawn out hiring process. So we’re keeping this blog as an external heart/brain for the both of us, a happy and pretty space to keep our sanity and to catalogue our early days as a little family—a man, a gentlelady, and sprightly black cat who fancies himself a ninja of the feline variety. For my contributions to this blog, there will be laments of failed recipes and tales from the ironing board (I’m not very good at ironing). There will be images of things I find beautiful and stories of the words and people I find inspiring. There will be jaunts and journeys and an expression of the immense happiness Colby brings to my life. Much like our apartment, there will be a little bit of me and a little bit of him all tussled up in an itty bitty space. With that, welcome to our slightly cramped but happy, passionate, fresh-out-of-the-gate life!

*That’s not entirely true: you should understand that I’m very much a planner and that we’ve booked almost all of our vendors. Nevertheless, I’m dealing with everything so casually that I kind of want something to flare up just for the chance to channel the inner bridezilla. Maybe not.


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