A weekend of lovely things

President’s Day has provided us a three-day weekend. And guess what? Things in threes really are the best. Oddly enough, this semester has been surprisingly calm for me, spotted with a few requisite freak-out moments. Those happen no matter what, I’ve found. It happens that my classes meet less often, I have only about three … Continue reading

Five Spot…Happy December!

Can you believe December’s here? Even though we all have much to do before the holidays bound upon us, I do look forward to all that this chilly, silvery, firelit month will bring. I love the year-end quietness and closeness, and I aim cherish every bit of it. I’m right now in a short but … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Five Spot

This Thanksgiving marks the second year we’ve been away from our family for the holidays. We usually get back for Christmas, meaning we usually eat turkey with east coast friends and not Mile High family. But it’s fun. And this year, we had two thanksgiving meals to attend: one last weekend with all my speechie … Continue reading

Five Spot

I have set no precedent for a regular top five list. For that matter, I have set no precedent for a consistent blog post. Oh well. Here, as I sit cranking out final reports and study guides, I give you my top five favorites of the week: This awesome, sale-priced West Elm duvet and sham set I … Continue reading

Manassas — Not Just a Virginian Swear Word

With Frankensuperstormageddon Sandy inbound, Natalie and I decided to take advantage of the fall colors before the hurricane-nor’easter mix stripped every tree on the Eastern Seaboard bare.  In a fit of marital compromise, we decided to combine Natalie’s desire to see the colors with mine to get out to one of the area’s many Civil … Continue reading


I wish I had more time to talk about the lovely apples I picked last weekend with some of my favorite gal pals. Until then, you’ll just have to enjoy the pictures.     Check out the bag: a peck of apples. Now I finally can say that I understand this song.    

Two guesses as to why I love this. And…go!


This has been out for awhile, but I watched it several times while in Bangkok this summer and always meant to share. Finally, I’m getting around to doing just that.

Now, my reasons for lovin’:

1) Ballet (the no-brainer)
2) ESMZ reminds me of Colby (not in obvious ways however!)
3) The kiddies and schools in the video remind me of the cutie KIPP kids I’ve been working with this semester.


Continue reading

On the Death Railway (Part Two)

The Death Railway unrolls far past the Bridge over the River Kwai.  It once went on into Burma and, as far as I know, still does, but that portion no longer operates.  The terminus is a small town called Nam Tok, where there apparently isn’t much to see but a couple stray dogs, some farm … Continue reading

Friday, my long lost love

It’s Friday morning before class. I’ve spent the last two hours pretending I’m not a grad student–facebooking, online shopping, blog reading, the usual good stuff. Anyhow, as a procrastinatory measure, I minutes ago made this Minnetonka purchase. I used some residual birthday funds, and am rationalizing it as not thaaat bad of a move.  Via  Except … Continue reading

On the Death Railway (Part One)

On weekends and holidays, a special day-excursion train runs from Bangkok’s Hualamphong Station  to the Bridge over the River Kwai.  One of the more famous bridges in history, thanks to Pierre Boule’s 1952 novel and the 1957 film adaptation, the bridge stands as an emblem today for a darker piece of history: the construction of … Continue reading